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Will Wilson Saves the World

A New Musical


Will Wilson Saves the World is committed to conscious casting and gender parity. With a goal of diverse representation, those who identify as BIPOC, LGBTQ+, disabled, and/or differing body types and standards of beauty are strongly encouraged to audition.

The Characters

Principal Roles

Grandpa Will- Male-Identifying. Any Ethnicity. Seasoned actor to play 80’s. Came of age on a Kentucky farm, with twelve brothers a sisters, during the Great Depression. Endured trauma due to an abusive Father, a bout with polio, and losing his mother at a young age. A survivor of The Battle of the Bulge and World War II veteran. A cantankerous, quick-witted storyteller who is insightful, courageous, and exceedingly kind. Baritone.


Cassandra Stephens- Female-Identifying. 50’s-60’s. Any Ethnicity. Proud daughter of Will Wilson and mother to Cherylynn. Protective of her father and daughter, she strives to find a balance between being supportive, and managing her loved ones’ expectations. Rational and realistic, yet empathetic. Alto.


Alaina Scott: Female-Identifying. 30’s-40’s. Any ethnicity. Executive Assistant in US Department of Justice: Special Investigation Unit’s office. A war-widow, her husband was killed in action during a tour in Iraq. She is a single mother to Edith. Compassionate, reliable, and strong, but fighting her own demons. Alto.


Cherylynn Grace Stephens: Female-Identifying. 30’s. Any Ethnicity. A lawyer and modern woman with the US Department of Justice: Special Investigations Unit. She fervently seeks justice for a Nazi war criminal who participated in a 1944 massacre involving her surviving Grandfather and his dear, deceased friend. Fierce, yet fragile. A flawed perfectionist and recovering people pleaser. Ceaseless, contemplative, and intelligent. Mezzo-Soprano.


Calvin David Abbott: Male-Identifying. 30’s-40’s. Any Ethnicity. A seasoned lawyer with the US Department of Justice: Special Investigations Unit. In a romantic relationship with Cherylynn. Ambitious, yet cautious, disciplined, conscientious, with an insecure side. Tenor.

Eric Robert Warren: Male-Identifying. 30’s-40’s. Any Ethnicity. A lawyer and lead researcher with the US Department of Justice: Special Investigations Unit with a deep sense of integrity. A previous law school classmate and ex-romantic partner of Cherylynn’s. Articulate, witty, charming, and idealistic to a fault. Tenor.


Edith Scott: Female-Identifying or Non-Binary. 18+ to play Teens. Any Ethnicity. A high-school student facing the traumatic loss of her Father in the Iraqi war. Grappling with depression, she struggles to fit in, and considers taking justice into her own hands. Apprehensive, imaginative, sensitive. Mezzo-Soprano.



Ensemble #1/Psychiatrist/Sally: Female-Identifying. 18+ to Play Late Teens-Early 20’s. Any Ethnicity. Plays Will Wilson’s wife of 60+ years, in her youth. Suffers terrible tragedy, but chooses faith. Warm, caring, creative, and full of grace.  Also plays Psychiatrist. Strong singer and mover. Soprano.


Ensemble #2/Off-Stage Doctor/Preacher: Male-Identifying. 20’s-40’s. Any Ethnicity. Plays various roles.  Strong singer and dancer.


Ensemble #3/Young Victor/Adult Victor: Male-Identifying. 20’s. Latinx. Fluent Spanish Speaker. A child of Mexican immigrants and laborers, he was born in a tent in the front yard of Pa’s Kentucky farm.  Plays Will Wilson’s closest childhood and wartime friend, he is mischievous, fun-loving, and fiercely loyal.  Strong singer and mover. Baritone.


Ensemble #4/Mary/Nurse #1: Female-Identifying. Late Teens-20’s. Will Wilson’s older sister, raised on a Kentucky farm.  She is a motherly figure to Will, and often protects and defends him. Also plays Nurse #1.  Strong singer and dancer. Soprano.


Ensemble #5/Young Lang/Elderly Lang: Male-Identifying. 20’s to play 20’s-80’s. A German SS Soldier, commanded by his superiors to commit war crimes by killing more than 80 American prisoners of war in cold blood at the Massacre at Malmedy in 1944. Deeply traumatized at the loss of his wife and young daughter during the European Blitz. Abrasive, yet submissive, rigid, and unstable. Very strong singer. Baritone.


Ensemble #6/Dietrich/Pa/Judge: Male-Identifying. 30’s to 40’s. Plays Will Wilson’s brutal, abusive, alcoholic father. Also plays a Dietrich, a German SS Officer that gives the command to kill more than 80 American POW’s at the Massacre at Malmedy in 1944.  Also plays Judge. Strong singer and mover.

Ensemble #7/Young Will/Adult Will: Male-Identifying. 18+ to play teens to mid-20’s. Plays Will Wilson in his youth, from his late childhood to his marriage and birth/death of his first son. Energetic, charismatic, courageous, and wise beyond his years. Strong singer and mover. Tenor.


Ensemble #8/Valentina/Nurse#2: Female-Identifying. 60’s-70’s. Latinx. Fluent Spanish Speaker. An Argentinian orphan who was contracted at a very young age to serve as a maid in Lang’s secret, post-war household.  She eventually becomes his wife. With great turmoil, she turns him in (in his old age) to authorities. Though initially timid, she is a picture of decency, dignity, and integrity. Also plays Nurse #2. Strong singer and dancer.


Ensemble 10/Teacher/Lounge Singer: Female-Identifying. Plays Edith’s conscientious, concerned art teacher. Also plays Lounge Singer, a stylized jazz vocalist with engaging charm and distinctive swing.


Ensemble Dancers: Versatile dancers who sing, skilled in ballet and contemporary technique and partnering.

Ensemble Tracks

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